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Welcome aboard The Metro Mind – an action-packed, high intensity program dedicated to your success and achievement! Our no nonsense approach uses proven strategies and customized tools that will push you, challenge you and hold you accountable.

“It’s time to get real about personal development.”

Scholastic Achievers

Are you looking to improve your grades, snag a killer internship, join a team, network with other students and still find time to enjoy yourself at school? The Metro Mind can help you:

  • Eliminate stress
  • Stay motivated and organized with school work
  • Choose a direction / major
  • Feel prepared for your future

Corporate Climbers

If you hate going to work everyday, feel unfulfilled at your current job or are ready to move up or on to something else, The Metro Mind will work with you to:

  • Become laser-focused in your career goals
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and talents
  • Develop confidence to take your career to the next level

Purposeful Wanders

Are you afraid of making false starts or are you confused about which direction to go in? If you have questions, don’t know where to start or are anxious about what the future will bring, The Metro Mind can help you:

  • Get out of a rut
  • Find your next career path, project or passion
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Achieve professional growth and satisfaction

Balance Seekers

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious and out of touch with what makes you happy, it's time to find some balance. The Metro Mind will work with you to:

  • Organize and prioritize your life
  • Develop time managment and decision-making skills
  • Manage stress, anxiety and physical health goals
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others

As a certified life coach, I have worked with many highly ambitious men and women from Canada to Trinidad and Tobago in areas such as school/career advancement, work-life balance and personal development.

I received my training from the International Coaching Academy, an ICF-accredited organization, and adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

Here is everything else you need to know about me:

  • I don’t eat tofu, do yoga or go to Tony Robinson retreats – and as an empirically driven person, I take a no nonsense approach to coaching. Similar to your bodybuilding trainer at the gym, our work together will be pragmatic, action-packed and results-focused.
  • My coaching philosophy is rooted in a deep appreciation for learning, success and achievement. With this in mind, we will work together to develop customized tools and a strategic action plan to help you progress forward.
  • I check my judgments and opinions at the door. As a member of your support team, my focus is on your process and vision for embraced and held confidential.
  •  Email Session = 1 Credit     Skype/Phone Session = 4 Credits

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